Wood Chess Board - Black Walnut and Curly Maple 2 inch squares

Handmade from local and regionally harvested wood - Walnut and Maple Chessboard with Walnut Frame 2 inch squares Handcrafted by Sweet Hill Wood in upstate NY.
Availability: Built to order (2-3 weeks).
SKU: 1401-200-fs1
Manufacturer: Sweet Hill Wood

Classic wood - Walnut and Curly Maple Chess board, this one with 2 inch squares, tournament sized.

  • 2 inch Squares of solid wood - Walnut and Curly Maple.
  • Solid Walnut Frame.
  • Local and regionally harvested Hard Wood
  • Full spline joinery on the inside of frame.
  • Corner splines for strength add a stylish detail.

Sweet Hill Wood Quality. Traditional Craftsmanship and a professionally sprayed durable finish. 


Attribute nameAttribute value
Dark Square WoodWalnut
Light Square WoodCurly Maple
Frame woodsWalnut
Square Size2 inch

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