Chess Boards - Other

Chess Boards Larger and Smaller than Tournament Size And Analysis Size Chess Boards Handcrafted from Wood By Sweet Hill Wood.

Bloodwood and Maple with Bubinga frame and Curly Maple inlay 2½ inch squares

Handmade Bloodwood and Maple wood Chessboard with a Bubinga Frame inlaid with Curly maple - 2½ squares


Peruvian Walnut and Curly Maple Chess board with inlay frame -2½ inch squares

Handmade Peruvian Curly Walnut and Maple Chess board with curly maple inlay frame -2½ inch squares - Crafted in upstate NY


Walnut and Maple Chess Board - 2½ inch squares - curly maple accent frame

Handcrafted by us in our upstate NY Wood Shop, this Walnut and Maple Chess Board has 2½ squares. Perfect for tournament play. Pieces sold separately.


Padauk and Maple Wood Chess board 1.75 inch squares and Wenge border

Handmade from Padauk, Maple and Wenge Woods. This Chess board has 1.75 inch squares with a Wenge and Padauk Frame.