Chess Pieces

Chess Pieces. Add these to your order for an out of the box, ready to use, Chess Set.

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Tournament Pieces Triple Weight, Plastic

3-3/4" king, queen 3", bishop at 2-1/2" , knight at 2-1/4" , rook at 1-7/8" , pawn at 1-3/4". The weight gives them a nice, heavy feel, making them perfect for comfortable play and easy to use. Tournament compliant.

Tournament Pieces Weighted, 4-1/8 inch King, Plastic

4-1/8 inch king. Extra weight gives them a very heavy feel. Perfect for tournament play or use at home. Sure to impress. Tournament compliant.

Tournament Pieces Wood

Featuring a 3-3/4 inch king with a 1-3/8 inch base weighing over 50 grams for a comfortable quality feel. No extra queens in this set. Made with Ebonized and Whitewood