Chess sets

Our handcrafted Chess Boards paired with quality peices. 

Peruvian Walnut and Maple Chess Board Bubinga border-2¼ inch squares + pieces

Handmade Peruvian Walnut and Maple Chess board with Bubinga border Peruvian Walnut frame frame -2¼ inch squares - Handcrafted in upstate NY. With triple weighted plastic pieces.


Padauk and Maple Chessboard 2¼ inch squares + pieces

Padauk and Curly Maple Chessboard 2¼ inch squares with a Padauk Frame. Paired with our tournament triple weighted plastic pieces


Wenge Chess Board with 2¼ inch squares + pieces

A beautiful Chess Board made of Wenge and Curly Maple 2¼ inch squares, framed in solid Wenge and paired with our triple weighted plastic pieces. This is one of our darkest boards for a very stark contrast between the dark and light squares

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