Wenge Chess Board with 2¼ inch squares inlay frame

This Chess Board is made with Wenge and Maple squares at 2-¼ inches and framed in Wenge and Curly Maple.
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SKU: wen225-fs2
Manufacturer: Sweet Hill Wood

If you are looking for the darkest dark squares you need to own this Beautiful Wenge (Pronounced: when-ghay) and Maple Chess board. African Wenge is a little difficult to work and very expensive but it's worth it all when you look at this spectacular piece.

  • Wenge and Maple squares at 2¼ inches
  • Wenge Frame with Curly Maple inlay
  • Satin Polyurethane Finish
  • Maple Crner splines for beauty and strength




Dark Square Wood Wenge
Light Square Wood Curly Maple
Frame woods Wenge and Curly Maple
Square Size 2¼ inch
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